De Plano

De Plano is a leading Argentine company in sanitary installations, which markets multiple brands in the field to offer variety and efficiency simultaneously. One of the fundamental pillars of the organization is personalized customer service to offer the specific solution you need.

The challenge

The advancement of technology and new media opened up a world of possibilities: now people seek information and purchase products without leaving their home. For this very reason, De Plano found himself faced with a new challenge: provide your customers with the same experience that you delivered to your customers in your physical locations through the digital universe.

De Plano found himself faced with a new challenge: to provide his customers with the same experience that he delivered to his customers in his physical stores through the digital universe.

The solution

To digitally transform the business, We started by researching the interests of the people who approached the company: how they communicated, what they expected when contacted and how they made their purchases. The results served as a guide to design an ideal retail B2C website for this audience. 

We make a ERP integration with management software. Thanks to this, people now have an extra communication channel -a personalized web chat- and an online store to quickly get the products they need. In the meantime, the De Plano team’s job was made easier: the prices and stock of the products are synchronized and constantly updated, information is obtained on sales and data on customers and potential purchasers, and queries are not only more organized, they have also been increasing.

At Wualá we know that the results are only real when the solutions are comprehensive. Therefore, we did an initial configuration of Google and Meta services. We planned and launched campaigns to generate online traffic and conversions from people with purchase intent who can simultaneously make inquiries via WhatsApp. To strengthen the campaigns, we create strategies at the local, regional and national levels according to the category and specific characteristics of the products.


Today De Plano has an online store that simulates the real experience but adds value to it: presents new ways to communicate, buy and get to know the company and its products in a simple, fast and efficient way. During this process, We provide technical support to continue accompanying the client in this e-commerce project.

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