Zárate Materiales

Zárate is a company that sells construction materials and one of the strongest competitors in its field. From the center of the country, thanks to a large team of distributors, it markets supplies of various brands, focusing on the excellent price and design ratio of its products.

The challenge

Being one of the most outstanding competitors in the market, Zárate could not be left behind. He needed to continue expanding his business to new horizons and offer his clients personalized attention that responds to his queries and requirements.

He needed to keep expanding his business to new horizons.

The solution

To solve these problems and digitally transform the business, from Wualá we designed a retail B2C eCommerce store with ERP integration, thus facilitating the purchase process, the quotation and all the operational activities of the company.

At Wualá we take care of every detail of the process to achieve the expected results and increase the profitability of our clients. For this reason, we designed an initial strategy based on Growth Marketing along with a plan to grow conversions and traffic to the website of people with purchase intent. We carry out a set up and configuration of Digital Marketing tools, social media and Google Ads.

The integrations are carried out through modules, APIS and other methods. Each of the campaigns we run include permanent monitoring and optimization to continue reaching the target audience and the desired ROAS (Return on advertising investment).


From this, Zárate has a up-to-date product base and a constantly evolving business, where its stock is updated daily and customers can access an online store that shows the availability of products, detailed information and their costs. In addition, they have the possibility budget your work if they so wish and receive information tailored to their needs.

Regarding the technical part of the project, our team worked on a striking, functional and intuitive design. We provide a aesthetic, agile and useful solution for Zárate and its clients that solved the challenge that the company had. Today we continue to accompany them with technical support and keep their eCommerce store at the forefront.

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