Roller Market

Roller Market is one of the largest manufacturers of curtains in Argentina. It has a large factory in Buenos Aires that offers multiple products focused on innovation, design and functionality. The company devotes all its efforts to customer service so that they can know the differential details and the quality of their curtains.

The challenge

Today people value organizations that are at the forefront not only in design, but also in technology. Roller Market’s curtains were created with these factors in mind, but their business hadn’t advanced to that point yet. For this very reason, Wualá generated a set of actions for Roller Market to be part of the digital plane in the way that its customers needed.

Today people value organizations that are at the forefront not only in design, but also in technology.  

The solution

In the first place, we investigated the target audience and discovered that they wanted curtains with certain parameters that respond to their personal requirement, which until now had a slow price and could not be done online.

Considering the results,We created a retail B2C eCommerce store and developed a custom curtain quoter that efficiently resolves the needs and interests of the target.

At Wualá we aim to promote projects in every possible way to increase the profitability and branding of the brands that choose us. For this reason, we made an ERP integration to incorporate Roller Market’s operations online, such as inventory, shipments, accounting and logistics. Thanks to this, a centralized database of buyers and sales was obtained.


Roller Market now has a digital infrastructure that has enabled it to reach more people and differentiate itself from its competition, making it easier for its customers to quote custom-made curtains, an online store to purchase the products and a new communication channel to resolve queries.

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