Social Media Calendar 2023 – The most important dates for eCommerce in United States


The important dates of the year are the best strategy that you would ever have in your hands. ¿Why? Because you could use them in your social media strategy and boost your incomes.

If you are looking forward to 2023 being your year, you should check this calendar and prepare with anticipation so you can achieve successful dates.


What is a Social Media Calendar? Is it worthy?

This is a valuable tool for sellers and entrepreneurs because it has the special dates for trades, that is those with high sales potential -like Father’s day, Black Friday, Christmas, among others-.

Having this material is indispensable if you are planning an online business, since commercial events are extremely important to boost sales due to the great opportunities they present. At this time, buyers are looking for the best products, the best prices and the best conditions, so it is very important to prepare sales with analysis, strategy and of course anticipation.

Significant dates for your business will be those who accompany your commercial objectives and the products or service that you offer. This is important to keep in mind as it will allow proper use and better credibility in front of your followers/buyers.


How can you prepare for commercial dates?

If you want to success in digital world is essential having the information that would allow you to take the best decisions on that dates:

  1. Check the impact of these dates in the past year.
  2. Monitor seasonality and evaluate trends to purchase a rewarding product mix.
  3. Identify the protagonist of the moment: products, publications, competitors, leaders of the category.
  4. Analyzes how and what buyers are looking for before, during and after each event.
  5. Focus on the best products and publications and give them priority.
  6. Pay attention to how you present your products and assemble detailed posts, with all the product information and keywords that users use to search.

Download the full Social Media Calendar in PDF and keep it handy for your next trading strategies. Remember that we are here to help you boost your business through a correct Digital Marketing strategy. Do your consultation and start today to fulfill your commercial purposes of 2023 with Wualá.